The AuTCRONE is an autonomous being, part human, part digital, a new kind of cyborg. AuTCRONE's primary function is to record data from the landscapes it travels through. It will use it's biological body as a mobile lab, to measure how its physical functioning is affected by the environmental stressors that it encounters.


AuTCRONE statement

AuTCRONE is a different kind of human.
It exists to gather information, data.
It notices the world and feeds back what is seen.
It has limited but functional social skills.
It has limited but functional physical skills and some limited ability to repair and improve it’s physical functioning.
It is an autonomous being, able to learn from experience and to upload new information data into it’s biological brain and digital devices.

It is removed from society in order to serve humanity.


Mission statement: PILGRIM

The AuTCRONE is undertaking an isolated mission into the once “green and pleasant land” to report on how it is being affected by global climate crisis.
AuTCRONE is a damaged unit, its physical functioning impaired by age-induced wear and tear and some other biological glitches caused by a faulty immune system. 
The link between this malfunctioning autonomous unit and the damaged environment it is investigating is noted and may prove a productive element in its data reporting function.